Professional Photographer. Instructor. Traveler. Entrepreneur.

Adam DeSerio began his photographic career at a very young age, and has continued to share his passion for nature and travel with people from around the world. Born in Sedona, Arizona, he spent the first years of his life learning photography from his dad, Lou DeSerio, and quickly grew to be an award winning, and nationally acclaimed artist. Now, Adam enjoys traveling the world, both capturing new images for his gallery and leading special small-group photo excursions. Additionally, he has self-published several books, started many small businesses, and teaches photography to students from around the globe.


Born in Sedona, Arizona, Adam grew up surrounded by beautiful landscapes and an entrepreneurial family who loved nature photography. His dad, Lou DeSerio, has been a professional photographer and had galleries in Sedona since the 1980s. Lou studied for many years with the one of the world’s greatest photographers, Ansel Adams, and acquired a love of color photography. Lou dedicated his life to capturing and sharing the beauty of nature, becoming an internally collected landscape photographer and author along the way. As Adam grew up with this as his compass, he was naturally attracted to photography at a young age, and by 5 years old began selling photos in his parents’ gallery. By the age of 9, his work was collected by customers from around the world, and by 14 had won first-prize in National Geographic’s largest kids photo contest, the Hands-On Explorer Challenge, with a grand prize of Adam’s first trip outside the U.S. – 14 days in Australia. From this experience at 14 years old, Adam found new love; travel. He began a yearning desire to explore and travel as much of the earth as he could in his life, and never wanting to put his camera down along the way. To learn more about The DeSerio Gallery, click here.

Adam continued his passion for photography through high school and college, beginning to teach private photography workshops and lecturing at universities and schools during that time. Now with an inventory of hundreds of stunning images from America, Europe, and around the world, Adam has self-published several photo books and produces/sells framed, metal, and canvas photo prints in a variety of sizes. However, there is another side of Adam that many don’t see displayed on a wall – his entrepreneurial side. Adam started his first business venture in 2nd grade, making and selling customizable note books to kids in older grades. He saw an opportunity and went for it. This early project got the wheels turning in the entrepreneurial direction. During high school, Adam created several small businesses, including a t-shirt design and printing business and graphic design business. During college, Adam met many influential people that helped guide and shape him. Michael Jones, the inventor of Google Earth, Warren Buffett, one of the world’s wealthiest businessmen, and serial CEOs from all over the country, just to name a few. He studied Business Management with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship at Northern Arizona University, accomplishing many achievements during his 4 years of study. Adam became President of Delta Sigma Pi, a leading co-ed international business fraternity, as well as studied abroad in Siena, Italy.

Adam now continues his passions of photography and travel, as he continues to expand his knowledge and lead small group photo excursions around the world – primarily to his second home, Italy. You can sign-up for these excursions on the website; just check for current available excursions in the navigation bar. Also, you can learn more through watch Adam’s travel blogs, and videos about gear, photography, travel, and photo editing on his YouTube Channel, as well as follow him on Instagram @adamdeserio and on Facebook.

“Life is not about the trail you follow, but the path you leave behind” -me